As I was reading through the new L’Officiel edition, I noticed that as I flipped through pages of diamond broaches by De Beers, Van Cleef and Arpels, Chaumet, Adler, Graff, Harry Winston and many others, I knew all these brands. In fact, I don’t only know them, I know their stories! I know the story behind Chanel’s signature lion which appeared  in the new high jewelry collection, in the shape of beautifully crafted earrings. I know Cartier’s panther, and it’s story inside out. I know Van Cleef& Arpels’s Alhambra. This is when I realized just how much this amazing woman taught me, once I noticed that I appreciated pieces of jewelry for their historical links and modern interpretations. Continue reading “THE MAGIC WORLD OF HIGH JEWELRY”


There are all kinds of people: creative, artistic, scientific, business-oriented, family-oriented, positive, shy, talkative, quiet… We choose the people around us based on our personality and try to keep them close to learn and profit one from another. If I had to describe Agustina Cattaneo in a few words, I would stop and think for a long time before saying anything. Anyhow, two words come straight to my mind as I think about this professor who taught me a new dimension of fashion business and lifestyle: she is brave and daring. Continue reading “DARE TO NEVER GIVE UP!”