There is countless words to say if we talk about successful women- the heroes of our society, the Super Women in business and private lives. This blog was inspired by a story that started in Bosnia through my website Ženski.ba just over two years ago. We decided the website would feature stories of successful women who inspire others in the society, through their private and business success. As we started interviewing and publishing these stories, people started sending in their stories and suggestions of Super Women in their lives, and these amazing individuals never seemed to only succeed in business or family or hobbies: they were always a full package.

Today, even two years later, having published over 400 stories of successful women in Bosnia, and organized 2 events awarding these women with the “Super Woman” award, I decided to take this positive story to an international level by publishing worldwide stories in English.

You will find stories of women who I interview personally, stories of women who have been successful throughout history, writers, artists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs.

Please share your stories of Super Women with me and the rest of the world by contacting us on Social Media or (enaberbic@zenski.ba)!