Today, I watched an amazing short video about Iris Van Herpen. I have always been her fan. In the video about her work, you can see the core of her brand’s work: innovation in fashion, textiles and perception of fashion. She says: “I see my space of couture as a laboratory. It’s the place where art and fashion can really merge. I think the magic of technology is the invisibility of it.”

Iris Van Herpen, CNNIris Van Herpen, CNNIris Van Herpen, CNN



Designer, Iris Van Herpen


A friend of mine, Parsons New York graduate, Amina Suleimanagich sent me her opinion on futurism once. I could not resist from including her words in this article.

Amina wrote: “As we enter the world of 3D printers, oculus rift goggles, real-time holograms, and Internet art, it is important for us as a society to keep up with those innovations. Fashion has most commonly been referred to as our time tracker – certain trends allow us to identify the time period of when they were worn. Bell bottoms – the 70s. Popped collar and over sized everything – the 80s, and so on. The generation that we are in is different. Rather than settling on a style of a top or pants, fashion designers seek out the technology and newfound resources around them to incorporate in their designs. A vital element of the new technologies is 3D printing that stemmed from the experimentation of the hologram. As fascinating as holograms were, 3D printing made it into more than just an ephemeral reality.

The fine line between an invention and innovation is that invention is a completely new object and addition to the universe, whereas an innovation is taking something that already exists and redesigning it to better fit our human needs. The focus of the future of fashion is certainly in innovation – specifically ‘recyclism’. The word ‘recyclism’ is lingo designers in my field of study use when referring to sustainability, re-using or re purposing objects, eliminating waste factors etc. I am a professional in the study of innovation in clothing sustainability. It has been my area of research and passion of mine for three years now – thanks to the wonderful community I met at Parsons.”


Link to Amina’s Instagram: 


These are some of my favorite works of Iris Van Herpen, a pioneer in innovative ways of producing garments:

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