There are all kinds of people: creative, artistic, scientific, business-oriented, family-oriented, positive, shy, talkative, quiet… We choose the people around us based on our personality and try to keep them close to learn and profit one from another. If I had to describe Agustina Cattaneo in a few words, I would stop and think for a long time before saying anything. Anyhow, two words come straight to my mind as I think about this professor who taught me a new dimension of fashion business and lifestyle: she is brave and daring.

If it wasn’t for Agus, as she likes her students to call her, I would not start this blog. It all started from her joke that she wants “one of her students to become famous” and extended to a whole 17-students class creating a blog as an assignment for E-fashion course.

So, inevitably, I created my blog “Dare to Dream” thanks to Agus, and decided to write this article about the creative, inspiring and positive path she took in life.

I think it must have been the third week of September 2016 when Agus walked into classroom No.1 in IFA Paris campus, and said out loud: “My name is Agustina Cattaneo, but you all call me Agus! I am a chartered accountant, but I will never teach you accounting!”. And so it was, Agus has been teaching us everything in fashion business but accounting: Strategic marketing, E-fashion, Visual Merchandising and many Social Media techniques around brand positioning online.

Agus street style cool-hunting for inspiration for one of her clients!

Moreover, she taught us to relax, have fun, discuss, ask, wonder and create. And she taught us that nothing is impossible. She openly discusses what made her re-think her life choices and start a career in fashion: it was an awful car crash which she found herself in after which she was tied to bed unable to move anything but her hands. But, her spirit and her hands never failed her. I could never link a person like her to accounting, and she never seems to have linked much to it either. Be as it is, it must be that those months post-car crash she firmly decided to do what makes her happy: create fashion. And so, Agus went on to finish Fashion Design at Parsons and Masters of Global Fashion Management at FIT. She started her own fashion company, which evolved from the designs made while she was in bed fighting the consequences of the horrible car crash and never giving up on her dream to walk again, work in fashion and do what makes her the happiest, teach.

Street looks by Iamaguscattaneo (https://www.instagram.com/iamaguscattaneo/)
Street looks by Iamaguscattaneo (https://www.instagram.com/iamaguscattaneo/)

She was born in Argentina, and the big Argentinean smile and friendly warm approach never leaves the room around Agus. Today, after having lived in Buenos Aires, New York, the Dominican Republic (teaching at Parsons), Chile and other short-term destinations, Agus is teaching at IFA Paris and Instituto Marangoni with a Parisian address. Of course, her favorite brand adds up to the Parisian look as she identifies with the Céline woman.

Street looks- details- by Iamaguscattaneo (https://www.instagram.com/iamaguscattaneo/)
Mood board for E-Fashion class by Ena B.

To wrap up, today Agus says that her biggest passion is to teach and guide her students in entering a fashion career. Her number one advice for young professionals is to never give up and knock on all doors: and if there is no answer then knock again, and again, and ring the doorbell, and keep doing it until you get a reply. There is much more to say, she keeps telling us to cut the words and show the visuals! So, the best way to get to know Agus and her personal style as well as to follow the Parisian streetstyle, follow her on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/iamaguscattaneo/)!

And, of course, keep an eye on her blog (http://aguscattaneoblog.tumblr.com/bio) as she may open a new fashion company any time soon to share her passion for painting on silk and creating beautiful scarfs!

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